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22.04.2017 14:07 - Политическaтa майкa на Доналд Тръмп
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Постингът е бил сред най-популярни в категория в Blog.bg
За Доналд Тръмп, като кандидат на Републиканската партия за президентските избори през ноември 2015, журналистката Дана Милбенк написа 6 месеца след това [May 11, 2016]във "Уошингтън поуст" следното [Sarah Palin, the political mother of Trump (Posted 2016-05-11 21:50:26)]:
image Sarah Palin and DonaldTrump, photo: Reuters

"Номинирането на Сара Пейлин за кандидат за вицепрезидент на президентските избори през 2008 г. не открехна вратата за Тръмп.Тя го роди. Пейлин е политическата майка на Тръмп." Това тогава, а онзи ден, на 4/20/2017 Холивууд Репортер пише:   Sarah Palin Just Wore The Hottest Summer Trend to The White House

image © Provided by The Hollywood Reporter Sarah Palin White House - Publicity - H 2017 
Who can forget Sarah Palin the style icon, who lit up the 2008 campaign trail with her pricey designer duds, Naughty Monkey shoes and those rimless Kawasaki glasses?  Nine years later, the former Governor of Alaska has still got it. Palin, 53, was spotted at the White House on Wednesday evening in a lacy white off-the-shoulder top - a look that"s still going strong as one of the hottest spring trends, according to nearly every fashion outlet.  The politician was reportedly invited to dinner by President himself, and told to "bring some friends." Naturally, she arrived with conservative rockstars Ted Nugent and Kid Rock in tow (that pair, however, was not nearly so stylish). On her website, she said of her guests, "Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted Nugent I joked, "Because Jesus was booked."" The dinner guests ate Baked Alaska for dessert, naturally, and then made faces in front of Hillary Clinton"s White House portrait. Back in her campaign heyday, Palin was a style trailblazer, a flashy foil to politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton who erred on the side of monochromatic ensembles. In addition to her rimless glasses, which sparked a trend all their own, she made a splash with red hot Naughty Monkey Double Dare pumps and electric pink blazers, which she purchased with her $150,000 clothing budget from the RNC.  During President Trump"s campaign, her metallic fringe Milly bolero jacket was also the subject of much media attention, and was even worn by Tina Fey when she parodied her look on SNL. The Palin fashion parade marches on. Related: Here are all 43 accounts Trump follows on Twitter (Provided by Business Insider) Те това е, а ние от Световното Стадо още се чудим как губернаторката на Аляска тогава, еврейката Сара Пейлин, може да бъде Тhe political mother of Trump?



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